When evening comes
and the sun finally gives up the ghost
Shadows darken
then fade
As another day closes
feelings hover just beneath the surface
honed sharp with memories
and regrets
Stars emerge
Twilight deepens
and from all around
the sound of life
as it comes to an end

until tomorrow

When nightfall arrives
and everything is hidden in gloom
Thoughts become less important
then disappear
As another night looms
insecurities have more power
strengthened by a moment
of isolation
Sleep teases
as darkness becomes absolute
only broken
by the steady glow of the moon
as it begins its long, slow trek

across the sky

When midnight steals in
and all is still and silent
Dreams flicker
come to life
then vanish
As the night becomes darker yet
concerns rear their heads
born of reality
and complacency
Clouds sail
blanketing everything in the blackness
Time passes
until the horizon begins to lighten
as another night goes out

with a flourish



Published by: jkmaxwell76

Hi everyone! My name is Keith. I am a lot of things: Traveler, sports fan, photographer, writer, music lover, trier of new recipes, humorist, avid reader, movie buff, poet, and more. All of these things will find their way into my blogs, so be prepared. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy my ramblings!

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