It was early afternoon

and the moon,
full and orange,
hung overhead

A cold summer day
spread toward the horizon

Leaves detached from trees
and fell up into the sky

Rivers ran uphill
and low tide lapped
at the front steps of the buildings

A fresh snowfall
covered the desert floor

At night
the sun burned overhead
bathing the land with golden light
before setting in the east

Birds tunneled underground
as fish ran along the beach

Clocks ran counter-clockwise

Planes flew tail-first across the sky

Plants exhaled carbon dioxide
and apples grew on vines
which ran along the ground


The dead stayed dead
and the living lived on
even as the Earth
switched places with Mars

And then became now



Published by: jkmaxwell76

Hi everyone! My name is Keith. I am a lot of things: Traveler, sports fan, photographer, writer, music lover, trier of new recipes, humorist, avid reader, movie buff, poet, and more. All of these things will find their way into my blogs, so be prepared. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy my ramblings!

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