9 is not a good number
Neither is 17
or 11
or 23
I only take bites in pairs

I’m not comfortable with 31
I never leave the television volume at 59
If I wink with one eye
I do the same with the other
7 makes me anxious
Not as much as 3
but more than 5
I’ll never do anything 13 times
I’ll always do one more

14 is okay
44 is better
If I bump my elbow on the doorway
I bump the other as well
I don’t have to do it
I just want to

Things need to be even
Even maintains the order of the universe
or at least keeps chaos at bay

21 is bad
but not as bad as 33
Never 33
When I walk
I make sure
my last step
is divisible by 2

and all is right with the world


Published by: jkmaxwell76

Hi everyone! My name is Keith. I am a lot of things: Traveler, sports fan, photographer, writer, music lover, trier of new recipes, humorist, avid reader, movie buff, poet, and more. All of these things will find their way into my blogs, so be prepared. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy my ramblings!

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