2014 Bowl Spectacular: **Update, Part 5**

Good evening everyone. Keeping up with those New Year’s resolutions? Neither are we. In fact, we here at the MBBPS didn’t make any resolutions. Instead, we chose to focus our efforts on making random predictions about the outcome of football games involving teams we know nothing about.

As New Year’s Day dawned, I was down and out. I’d struggled mightily over the previous few days, and had fallen behind by a game in our annual bowl prediction spectacular. When Auburn opened 2015 by losing to Wisconsin, and Baylor suffered an epic collapse in a loss to Michigan State, I was in serious trouble.

But then the Oregon Ducks destroyed Jameis “Crab Legs” Winston and Florida State in the Rose Bowl, and I had life. Things looked bleak once again when Pittsburgh somehow blew a 31-6 lead in the Armed Forces Bowl, but then the tide began to turn.Tennessee beat Iowa in the Taxslayer Bowl. Then former Atlanta Falcons coach Jim Mora Jr. led UCLA to a win over Kansas State in the Alamo Bowl, and suddenly, I’d pulled even.

By contrast, Matt had seemed like a lock to wrap up a win heading into 2015. But then the unpredictable nature of college football reared its head, and evened the playing field once again. Florida State, which had won 29 consecutive games, fell to Oregon, Then mighty Alabama (whom I also picked) lost to Ohio State. When Iowa and Kansas State also came up short, his lead had evaporated, and the score was tied 19-19.

That left the Cactus Bowl to decide who would carry the lead into the final three games of the 2014-15 season. It was a match up of well-known head coaches, as Mike “I’m a man!” Gundy led Oklahoma State against former Boise State head man Chris Peterson (whose Broncos memorably defeated Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl) and Washington.

The Cowboys raced to a 24-0 halftime lead. But as has been the case so often this bowl season, the game was far from over. Washington fought back, returning a kickoff for a touchdown to pull within 13. Oklahoma added a field goal before the Huskies drove for a touchdown and a two-point conversion to cut the lead to eight. Then, after a missed field goal, Washington had one last chance to steal a win. But an interception in the final seconds iced a win for the Cowboys.

The win gives me a narrow 20-19 lead heading into the final days of bowl season. Of the three remaining games, only the National Championship game between Oregon and Ohio State holds any intrigue for most fans. After all, who cares about a pair of games in Alabama in which the biggest draw is a six-win Florida team? We do! While the championship game is certainly much more exciting and meaningful, the Birmingham and GoDaddy Bowls are just as important to our final standings.

On to our live look in update. I’m beginning to think that I may just pull off my goal of watching a significant portion of each bowl game. On New Year’s Day, I spent the early afternoon flipping between the Outback, Cotton, and Citrus Bowls. Later that day, I watched the 1st and 3rd quarters of the Rose Bowl, and then the entire Sugar Bowl; a game which also earns recognition as our game of the week due to Ohio State’s comeback from a 15 point deficit.

On January 2nd, I was at it again. I caught the 1st and fourth quarters of the previously mentioned Armed Forces Bowl, The 1st and third quarters of the Taxslayer (Gator) Bowl, the second half of the Alamo Bowl, and the final three quarters of the Cactus Bowl. So far so good. Only three more to go!

That does it for now. As always, check out the chart below for our current standings and final few predictions; including our picks in the National Championship game. We’ve also predicted the final score  of the game just in case we end the season in a tie. If the history of the MBBPS is any indication, we just might need that tiebreaker.

See you next time!

Bowl Date Team 1 Team 2 Keith pick Matt pick Winner
New Orleans Bowl 12/20/2014 Nevada Lousiana-Lafayette Nevada Nevada Lousiana-Lafayette
 New Mexico Bowl 12/20/2014 Utah State UTEP Utah State UTEP Utah State
Las Vegas Bowl 12/20/2014 Utah Colorado State Colorado State Utah Utah
Idaho Potato Bowl 12/20/2014 Western Michigan Air Force Air Force Western Michigan Air Force
Camellias Bowl 12/20/2014 South Alabama Bowling Green Bowling Green Bowling Green Bowling Green
Miami Beach Bowl 12/22/2014 BYU Memphis BYU Memphis Memphis
Boca Raton Bowl 12/23/2014 Marshall Northern Illinois Marshall Nothern Illinois Marshall
Poinsettia Bowl 12/23/2014 Navy San Dieo State San Diego State Navy Navy
Bahamas Bowl 12/24/2014 Central Michigan Western Kentucky Central Michigan Western Kentucky Western Kentucky
Hawaii Bowl 12/24/2014 Fresno State Rice Fresno State Rice Rice
Heart of Dallas Bowl 12/26/2014 Illinois Lousiana Tech Louisiana Tech Illinois Lousiana Tech
Quick Lane Bowl 12/26/2014 Rutgers North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina Rutgers
St. Petersburg Bowl 12/26/2014 North Carolina State Central Florida North Carolina State North Carolina State North Carolina State
Military Bowl 12/27/2014 Cincinnati Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Cincinnati Virginia Tech
Sun Bowl 12/27/2014 Arizona State Duke Arizona State Duke Arizona State
Independence Bowl 12/27/2014 Miami South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
Pinstripe Bowl 12/27/2014 Boston College Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State
Holiday Bowl 12/27/2014 Nebraska USC USC Nebraska USC
Liberty Bowl 12/29/2014 Texas A&M West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia Texas A&M
Russell Athletic Bowl 12/29/2014 Oklahoma Clemson Oklahoma Clemson Clemson
Texas Bowl 12/29/2014 Arkansas Texas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
Music City Bowl 12/30/2014 Notre Dame LSU LSU Notre Dame Notre Dame
Belk Bowl 12/30/2014 Georgia Louisville Georgia Georgia Georgia
Foster Farms Bowl 12/30/2014 Maryland Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford
Peach Bowl 12/31/2014 Mississippi TCU Mississippi TCU TCU
Fiesta Bowl 12/31/2014 Boise State Arizona Arizona Boise State Boise State
Orange Bowl 12/31/2014 Mississippi State Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Mississippi State Georgia Tech
Outback Bowl 1/1/2015 Auburn Wisconsin Auburn Wisconsin Wisconsin
Cotton Bowl 1/1/2015 Michigan State Baylor Baylor Baylor Michigan State
Citrus Bowl 1/1/2015 Missouri Minnesota Missouri Missouri Missouri
Rose Bowl     (semifinal) 1/1/2015 Oregon Florida State Oregon Florida State Oregon
Sugar Bowl    (semifinal) 1/1/2015 Alabama Ohio State Alabama Alabama Ohio State
Armed Forces Bowl 1/2/2015 Houston Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Houston Houston
Taxslayer (Gator) Bowl 1/2/2015 Iowa Tennessee Tennessee Iowa Tennessee
Alamo Bowl 1/2/2015 Kansas State UCLA UCLA Kansas St. UCLA
Cactus Bowl 1/2/2015 Washington Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Washingon Oklahoma State
Birmingham Bowl 1/3/2015 East Carolina Florida Florida Florida
GoDaddy Bowl 1/4/2015 Toledo Arkansas State Arkansas State Toledo
National Championship 1/12/2015 Oregon Ohio State Oregon Ohio State
(Tie breaker) Final score of National Championship game: 37-30 38-31
Keith Matt
Overall Correct 20 19

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