2014 Bowl Spectacular!

Every December a season comes along that is so huge, so exciting, so scintillating that it captures the imagination of Americans from all walks of life. It is a tradition unlike any other; a magical time which lifts spirits and inspires feelings of happiness and good cheer from coast to coast. Its effects are indelible, its presence inescapable. I’m talking, of course, about college football bowl season.

Ah, bowl games! Nothing says the holiday season like watching South Alabama vs Bowling Green in Montgomery (an actual matchup).  I can already hear the grumbling from those who believe that there are too many bowls. “In my day, there were only six bowl games,” they’ll smugly state. To be fair, there are some less than enthralling matchups this year. But being someone who simply can’t get enough college football, I say the more the merrier. If you don’t like the game that’s on, don’t watch it.

As the end of the year approaches, I begin to look forward to the smorgasbord of games on the way, and to prepare for another event, one that inspires nearly as much excitement as the games themselves (at least in our household): The Maxwell Brothers Bowl Prognostication Spectacular!

That’s right! The MBBPS, as it has been affectionately known since about ten seconds ago, is back! We’ve been putting it together behind closed doors for years, but now, for the first time ever, we’re bringing it to the masses (depending on your definition of “masses”). While it has long been a favorite activity of ours, this will be the first time that the results have been made public.

For the better part of two decades, the MBBPS has been a part of our Christmas season. No matter what has happened in our lives, we’ve never missed a year. It began with Matt and I sitting in my room when we both lived at home. It continued when we each had our own houses or apartments. Even when we lived on opposite sides of the country, we didn’t neglect our bowl picks.

What exactly is the MBBPS, you ask? That’s an easy one. The rules are quite simple, and are as follows:

  • Each of us will make our picks for every bowl game, beginning with the New Orleans bowl on December 20. All picks will be submitted prior to this game, and no changes will be allowed once bowl season has begun.
  • No research on any teams involved will be done (too much work). Any knowledge of a team playing in a bowl will have been gained during the course of the season. In short, neither of us will be visiting Cincinatti’s official athletics website in search of insight into the Bearcats’ matchup with Virginia Tech in the Military Bowl.
  • No point spreads will be taken into account (again, too much work). All games will be picked straight up, with only who won and who lost counting toward the final tally.
  • In the event of a tie, the National Championship game will be used as a tiebreaker. In years past guessing closest to the final score of this game was the tiebreaker. This year, since the partcipants won’t be known until New Year’s Day, the winner or loser of the Championship game will be the first tiebreaker, with the final score being the second.
  • The winner of the MBBPS will not receive a monetary award. In fact the winner will not receive any award.  Our predictions are made purely for pride; plus the right for the winner to talk trash to the loser for the next year.

So there you have it. Below is a spreadsheet detailing the bowl schedule, and our picks. As bowl season progresses, I will be updating every few days with a running tally of which team won each game, and the overall win-loss record for Matt and myself. I’ll also be providing a bit of commentary on some of the more intriguing matchups (I’ll attempt to at least look in on each game), as well as the MBBPS overall.

That just about does it for now. If any of you wish to organize you own version of the MBBPS, you should feel free to seek immediate psychiatric help. But once you’ve been released from protective custody, don’t forget to check in periodically to find out just how poorly Matt and I are faring on our predictions.

I’ll be back once bowl season begins with an update. See you soon!

Bowl Date Team 1 Team 2 Keith pick Matt pick Winner
New Orleans Bowl 12/20/2014 Nevada Lousiana-Lafayette Nevada Nevada
 New Mexico Bowl 12/20/2014 Utah State UTEP Utah State UTEP
Las Vegas Bowl 12/20/2014 Utah Colorado State Colorado State Utah
Idaho Potato Bowl 12/20/2014 Western Michigan Air Force Air Force Western Michigan
Camellias Bowl 12/20/2014 South Alabama Bowling Green Bowling Green Bowling Green
Miami Beach Bowl 12/22/2014 BYU Memphis BYU Memphis
Boca Raton Bowl 12/23/2014 Marshall Northern Illinois Marshall Nothern Illinois
Poinsettia Bowl 12/23/2014 Navy San Dieo State San Diego State Navy
Bahamas Bowl 12/24/2014 Central Michigan Western Kentucky Central Michigan Western Kentucky
Hawaii Bowl 12/24/2014 Fresno State Rice Fresno State Rice
Heart of Dallas Bowl 12/26/2014 Illinois Lousiana Tech Louisiana Tech Illinois
Quick Lane Bowl 12/26/2014 Rutgers North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina
St. Petersburg Bowl 12/26/2014 North Carolina State Central Florida North Carolina State North Carolina State
Military Bowl 12/26/2014 Cincinnati Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Cincinnati
Sun Bowl 12/27/2014 Arizona State Duke Arizona State Duke
Independence Bowl 12/27/2014 Miami South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
Pinstripe Bowl 12/27/2014 Boston College Penn State Penn State Penn State
Holiday Bowl 12/27/2014 Nebraska USC USC Nebraska
Liberty Bowl 12/29/2014 Texas A&M West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia
Russell Athletic Bowl 12/29/2014 Oklahoma Clemson Oklahoma Clemson
Texas Bowl 12/29/2014 Arkansas Texas Arkansas Arkansas
Music City Bowl 12/30/2014 Notre Dame LSU LSU Notre Dame
Belk Bowl 12/30/2014 Georgia Louisville Georgia Georgia
Foster Farms Bowl 12/30/2014 Maryland Stanford Stanford Stanford
Peach Bowl 12/31/2014 Mississippi TCU Mississippi TCU
Fiesta Bowl 12/31/2014 Boise State Arizona Arizona Boise State
Orange Bowl 12/31/2014 Mississippi State Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Mississippi State
Outback Bowl 1/1/2015 Auburn Wisconsin Auburn Wisconsin
Cotton Bowl 1/1/2015 Michigan State Baylor Baylor Baylor
Citrus Bowl 1/1/2015 Missouri Minnesota Missouri Missouri
Rose Bowl     (semifinal) 1/1/2015 Oregon Florida State Oregon Florida State
Sugar Bowl    (semifinal) 1/1/2015 Alabama Ohio State Alabama Alabama
Armed Forces Bowl 1/2/2015 Houston Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Houston
Taxslayer (Gator) Bowl 1/2/2015 Iowa Tennessee Tennessee Iowa
Alamo Bowl 1/2/2015 Kansas State UCLA UCLA Kansas St.
Cactus Bowl 1/2/2015 Washington Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Washingon
Birmingham Bowl 1/3/2015 East Carolina Florida Florida Florida
GoDaddy Bowl 1/4/2015 Toledo Arkansas State Arkansas State Toledo
National Championship 1/12/2015 TBD TBD
(Tie breaker)
Overall Correct

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