Grunge, Love, and Sleep Deprivation

          A wise man once said sleep is overrated. At least people thought he was a wise man. Eventually they discovered he was just some kind of lunatic. As it turns out, sleep is important. I was about six days into a stretch of nine consecutive work days when I learned this lesson. My moment of clarity may have had something to do with the old man who walked in on me in the toilet stall of a public restroom.

          Despite the fact that I was getting up at 6:30 every morning during my extra long week, I saw no reason why I couldn’t stay up until 1:00 AM every night. For the first few days, I was tired in the morning, but perked up by lunch time. But by the halfway point, I was overcome with a deep weariness that lasted all day. It was this fatigue which contributed to my failure to properly lock the door behind me on that fateful trip to the latrine.

            While I won’t go into detail about my surprise meeting with a stranger in that most private of places, suffice to say that he seemed just as surprised as me; perhaps even more so. As I beat a hasty retreat, I couldn’t help but be at least a little amused. You know the old saying: what doesn’t kill you still hurts like hell. Wait, is that how it goes?

            Speaking of uncomfortable situations, the Bear Team recently spent an evening watching “Rock of Ages.” You eighties music fans out there should check it out, if for no other reason than the soundtrack: Poison, Bon Jovi, Jouney; you name it, and it’s in there. Besides, where else can you see Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand duet on “I can’t fight this feeling anymore?” Seriously. Don’t believe me?

            I’d like to pause here for our WTF moment of the day. While shopping for groceries at Vons the other day, I came across the following item: Sweet potato flavored dog treats. Do I even have to tell you what is wrong with this picture? Any dog I ever owned would have forgone the sweet potatoes and just eaten my hand instead. And you know something, I would have deserved it! We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

            Speaking of programming, I recently witnessed two remarkable occurences in the world of sports. The first featured my beloved Atlanta Braves, whose two newest members did something that had never been done before. B.J. and Justin Upton became the first brothers to ever win a game by each hitting a home run in the ninth inning. A brave new world indeed!

            The second item comes from the world of college football. Specifically the world of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who made the classiest move of the year by giving the thrill of his life to seven year old cancer survivor Jack Hoffman. During the annual spring game, coach Bo Pellini sent huge Nebraska fan Hoffman into the game in a mini-Cornhusker’s uniform. What came next actually brought tears to my eyes.–ncaaf.html.

            As long as we’re talking about happy endings, I spent most of the week listening to the new Soundgarden album “King Animal,” which is the first new album from the band since 1996’s “Down on the Upside.” The new album is the real deal, and sounds just as good as the old ones. After spending more than a decade, as my ,friend Jason so eloquently put it, “p***ing out Rage Against the Machine” as frontman of Audioslave, Chris Cornell is finally back where he belongs. Check out my favorite song from “King Animal” here:

            The final item on today’s docket (what is a “docket” anyway? People are always using this term to transition from one thing to another, but I’ve never seen someone actually produce one. The whole thing smacks of a government conspiracy) comes in the form of an afternoon stroll along the boardwalk of Mission Beach,_San_Diego. Dena and I visited this beach for the first time on Saturday, and were not disappointed. The area is beautiful; especially when the sun dips low in the sky and threatens to disappear into the churning waters of the Pacific.

            We finished up our outing with dinner at the Crest Café, in Hillcrest We first discovered this place not long after moving to San Diego, and we’ve been back several times since. My personal favorite item on the menu: The portabello mushroom sandwich, which features an incredible tahini-ranch sauce. Give it a try if you’re in the neighborhood.

            On to this week’s top ten list. Today’s topic: favorite Seattle grunge songs. Some of you are fans of this legendary genre. For those of you who aren’t, well, we can’t all be perfect. While this music scene had its heyday in the early 1990’s, many of the bands are still going strong today. Here are my picks, in no particular order:

  1. Slaves and Bulldozers: Soundgarden
  2. Aneurysm: Nirvana
  3. Down in a Hole: Alice in Chains
  4. Black: Pearl Jam
  5. Hunger Strike: Temple of the Dog
  6. Spoonman: Soundgarden
  7. Man in the Box: Alice in Chains
  8. Scentless Apprentice: Nirvana
  9. Yellow Ledbetter: Pearl Jam
  10.  Jesus Christ Pose: Soundgarden

          There you have it. You could do worse than spending an afternoon listening to these tracks. You can find links to most of them here:…0.0…1ac.1.Awh2lpmMCdY.

            And now, the time has come to say goodbye, for the hour has grown late, and I must hibernate for the night. As always, thanks for reading. We here at the Bear Team always appreciate it. Have a good night, and always remember, if you hear a sound outside, whatever you do don’t look out the window, because you just might have a gremlin. See you next time!







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