Ides of March

Friends, Californians, Georgians, lend me your ears! Sorry, I’ve been thinking about Julius Caesar lately. After all, as I write these words, it is the Ides of March. I’ve been keeping an eye out for sooth-sayers, as there are plenty of them here in California. Although I’m not sure if babbling incoherently and screaming at imaginary companions can actually be considered “sooth-saying.” Anyway, enough about dead Romans. There is a lot to get today, so away we go!

The Bear team had an extraordinary time last Saturday when we visited Sunset Cliffs. The cliffs are one of the most popular hiking trails in San Diego, and with good reason. The views are absolutely spectacular!
After walking along the top of the cliffs for awhile, we ventured down to the water’s edge, where magnificent caves and crevices awaited. Anyone looking for a romantic spot to take his or her significant other could do much worse than this.

The following Thursday, I settled in the watch Georgia play LSU in the SEC basketball tournament. Despite an incredible 32 point, 14 rebound performance from Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the Bulldogs fell to the Tigers 68-63 and bowed out of the tourney in the second round. In the aftermath of UGA’s early exit, I was reminded of a time when things went a little better for us.

The 2008 tournament was held in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. In the first round, on Thursday, March 13, the Bulldogs (who had suffered through a 13-16 regular season) beat Mississippi in overtime on a last second basket by Dave Bliss. The following night, during the third of four second round games, a tornado touched down and ripped through Centennial Olympic Park. As I watched on television, the entire roof of the Dome began to ripple and the catwalk began to sway. The game was stopped until the storm passed over.

The Dome was damaged heavily by the tornado. So much so that the fourth game of the night, Georgia vs. Kentucky, was postponed until the following day, and moved, along with the remainder of the tourney, to the much smaller Alexander Memorial Coliseum. Due to this delay, the Bulldogs would be forced to play twice in the same day.

On Saturday afternoon, as deadly storms punished much of Northern Georgia, including the area in which I lived, little used reserve guard Zac Swansey(!) drilled a three-pointer at the buzzer to send the game against Kentucky into overtime. Georgia went on to win (on the home court of rival Georgia Tech, no less). After that, it was a matter of destiny. The Bulldogs beat Mississippi State later that night, and then whipped Arkansas on Sunday to win the SEC Championship! I was elated, to put it mildly. To check out my reaction to the victory, click here:

Speaking of reactions, don’t you hate it when you have to deal with an inconsiderate person in a retail store? Whether you work at the store, or are shopping there, these people suck. They leave their shopping courts right in front of the register, don’t have their money ready when checking out, talk on cell phones when they should be moving along, and make it extremely difficult not to lose your f**king mind! Here is what I would like to do to these people, should I find them all in one place:

As long as we’re talking about being p***ed off, we recently had the A/C in our car repaired. Even though the weather is excellent in San Diego, you do need to switch on the air conditioner sometimes due to the evil toxic sun (we’ll talk about that another time). It turned out that I needed a new compressor. When the service advisor told me the price I immediately became aware that compressors are no doubt handcrafted from rare metals by a legendary auto parts artist who only works one day out of each lunar cycle. Oh well, what good does a savings account do anyway?

On the subject of ridiculous numbers, daylight savings time is upon us again. Those of you who’ve read my rantings in the past will know how I feel about this phenomenon. For the rest of you, I think that this practice is a complete waste of time. The very idea that you can create an extra hour of daylight by moving clock hands forward? Seriously?

I’ve been thinking about this issue for several minutes now, and I’ve arrived at an explanation. Daylight savings time was proposed by famous American statesman Ben Franklin, who was suffering from severe brain damage after flying a kite in a thunderstorm and being struck by lightning. The whole thing is based on the demented ravings of a lunatic mind. Time to shut it down.

Which leads me to the thought for the day. There are thousands of famous quotations out there, but not very many that you can use in everyday life. If you start spouting off lines about “hearts unfettered,” and “the grass is greener” people will think that you’re crazy. What you need is a simple, updated quote for the twenty-first century. Well, here you go:

If at first you don’t succeed, you should probably give up.

There you have it: wisdom you can use in day to day life. Be sure to use it with just the right touch of sarcasm. That’s all for now. As always, thanks for reading. Should you come across any annoying people between now and the next time we meet, feel free to use The Force to choke them out, or at least give them a dirty look as you go on your way. See you next time!










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