New Year’s Shenanigans

     Happy new year to everyone from Southern California! I hope you all had an enjoyable New Year’s Eve. It was quite an eventful long weekend for the Bear Team .Between college football bowl games, the final weekend of the NFL’s regular season, going out on the big night, and preparing to move in a few days, we really had our paws full. Let’s begin with a little reflection on the year just passed:

            2012 was a year in which many events of social, political, and economic importance transpired.

            There, now that we’re done reminiscing, we can move on to more exciting discussion. Speaking of discussion, I’d like to speak to some of you out there about a serious matter. Why do some people feel the need to post on social media a description, or even worse, a photo of what they had for dinner? Those of you who are guilty of this transgression know who you are. Knock it off, will  you?

            Our weekend began with a trip to Flinn Springs Park on Friday.  We were looking for a good place to take a hike, and ended up finding this park online. The hiking trails were challenging; especially the part where we descended into a canyon and then climbed a steep incline for about half an hour. At the end of our cllimb, we sat high in the mountains, with no sounds except for birds, a gentle breeze rustling the underbrush, and cars hurtling by at 125 mph on the interstate below. Absolute serenity.

            Saturday was mainly a rest day. The only thing we really accomplished was doing laundry. We found a landromat on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego, and went there. Doesn’t Evergreen Gardens apartment complex have a laundry facility, you may ask? Yes, it does. Unfortunately the savages who live here love to steal money, and clothes, from the machines. So we went to the landromat. At least something good came form the trip. We ate at a place called Lil B’s Urban Eatery.  Good food from an extensive menu. The club sandwich is awesome, and so big it could double as a twin matress in a pinch.

            On New Year’s Eve, we went to Hillcrest without making any plans for the evening. We ended up eating at The Asian Bistro on University Avenue.  It was a cold night, so we had hot tea, hot and sour soup, and spicy dishes. Absolutely delicious! After dinner we decided to check out a show at the Rubi Room, also on University. We arrived after the show had begun, but caught most of the set by Rage Against the Machine tribute band “Slaves Against the Machine.” These guys were awesome! Incredible music, and a singer who sounds just like Zach de la Rocha. For those who doubt this statement, check out this URL:

            The headliner was a band called Geezer. The name led us to belive that they would be a Weezer tribute band. They were, but they were also so much more. The band members portray themselves as old men, and make jokes about everyone being their “grandkids.” But once the music starts, they alternate between covering the Beastie Boys, and Weezer. If you think it sounds weird, then you are correct. But it is also awesome!

            We arrived home at 3:00 AM on New Year’s Day. After winding down for half an hour or so, we went to bed. But not for long. I awoke to the sound of my alarm at 9:30 AM. It was almost time for my Georgia Bulldogs to play! The Dawgs (that’s right; we spell it that way; don’t judge us) were playing Nebraska in the Citrus Bowl. Some of you are probably saying “no, it’s the Capital One Bowl.” Maybe so, but I refuse to use the new “corporate sponsor” names for games. I mean what’s next? The Tidy Toilet Cleaner Bowl? I got up and made coffee. I am still adjusting to the fact that games take place earler out here. The game was touch and go for awhile, but in the end, Aaron Murray caught fire to the tune of 400 yards and five touchdowns, and Georgia won going away.

            Watching all of the New Years Day games got me to thinking about my favorite bowl games involving Georgia. There have been so many good ones during my time as a fan. After thinking about it for awhile, I’ve decided to dedicate todays top ten list to the best UGA bowl games of the last twenty-five years. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. 1.     1993 Citrus Bowl: Georgia 21  Ohio State 14. Garrison Hearst’s 163 yard performance led Georgia over the Buckeyes, who were quarterbacked by future ESPN talking head Kirk Herbstreit.
  2. 2.     1987 Liberty Bowl: Georgia 20  Arkansas 17. Freshman John Kasay’s 39 yard field goal as time expired led the Bulldogs to victory. This was the game that cemented my love of UGA football forever.
  3. 3.     2008 Sugar Bowl: Georgia 41  Hawaii 10. The Georgia defense, led by Marcus Howard, sacked Colt Brennan eight times, intercepted three passes, and forced two fumbles; one of which was recovered for a touchdown. This defensive display was particularly impressive given that several analysts predicted a win for the Warriors and their high powered offense.
  4. 4.     2006 Chick-Fil-A (Peach) Bowl: Georgia 31  Virginia Tech 24. After trailing 21-3 at halftime, the Bulldogs stormed back with twenty-eight unanswered points. Two interceptions by linbacker Tony Taylor led to two fourth quarter touchdowns for Georgia. The win was the third consecutive victory for Georgia over a ranked team, which was a first for the program.
  5. 5.     2000 Outback Bowl: Georgia 28  Purdue 25. This was the game in which Georgia fell behind 25-0 early before beginning a comback. Drew Brees passed for 378 yards and four touchdowns for the Boilermakers, but it wasn’t enough as Quincy Carter run for one touchdown and passed for another to tie the game. Hap Hines kicked a nineteen yard field goal in ovetime to win it for UGA.
  6. 6.     1989 Gator Bowl: Georgia 34  Michigan State 27. Rodney Hampton’s three touchdowns led the Bulldogs to victory over the Spartans. Andre Rison had an otherworldly day for MSU, but in the end, UGA won for Vince Dooley in his final game as head coach.
  7. 7.     2006 Sugar Bowl: West Virginia 38  Georgia 35. Though Georgia came out on the short end of this one, I can’t leave it off my list. The Bulldogs trailed 28-0, but rallied behind DJ Shockley’s three touchdown passes to get within three points. Unfortunately, the comeback ended up just short.
  8. 8.     2003 Sugar Bowl: Georgia 26  Florida State 13. Musa’s Smith’s 145 yards rushing led the Bulldogs to a win over the Seminoles in UGA’s first Sugar Bowl appearance since the 1982 season.
  9. 9.     2012 Outback Bowl: Michigan State 33  Georgia 30. Another UGA loss makes the top ten. Brandon Boykin’s final game for Georgia showed his versatility, as he scored on defense (safety), offense (touchdown catch), and special teams (punt return touchdown). In the end the Spartans capitalized on the Bulldogs inability to kick a field goal and won the game in overtime.
  10. 10.                          1998 Peach Bowl: Georgia 35  Virginia 33. After trailing 21-0, the Bulldogs came back behind freshman quarterback Qunicy Carter. A missed UVA field goal as time expired game UGA the victory.


So there you have it: my favorite bowl games featuring my favorite team. Feel free to post your favorites in the comments section below. I hope everyone had an incredible New Year’s eve, and that you all have a happy new year! As always, thanks for reading.




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